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Whimsical Coffee Swaps


We live in an era of excess, and coffee is no exception. It can be found in coffee houses, hospitals, diners, cafes, and virtually all offices in the developed world. But this was not the case, and during the 18th and 19th centuries the value of coffee was significantly higher. Thus, families often only drank it on Sundays, a day that is unquestionably sacred in many cultures. However, this isn’t to imply they simply went without. Instead, many alternatives were used to capture the fundamental – and often caffeine-free – joys of coffee – some even went so far as… read more

The Edible Wild


Whether you wish to expand your palette with more adventurous fare or simply want to be informed in case you should encounter a period spent with limited resources, foraging the wilderness for subsistence can be an enlightening and perhaps even life-saving experience. But first, you must know which plants are suitable sources of nutrition and which to avoid. While there are a variety of fungi and other edible plants dotting forests and sometimes your own yard, their credentials are extensive, and it is all too easy to mistake a poisonous species for a harmless one. Thus, we shall focus our… read more