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Plastic Bags ‘Out’ In Dallas

Photo Credit: Geograph

Plastic bags are apparently a hot topic amongst Dallas leaders. Dallas’ Transportation and Environment Committee is scheduled to debate whether or not to ban plastic bags in the city. With billions of plastic bags polluting our oceans this does seem to be a wise choice. The idea is mentioned in broad strokes as part of a plan to significantly reduce waste in the city. There is not much detail as to when it would start, if it will be phased in, or if it would be an outright ban. In the city’s proposal, it does not deem the ban to be… read more

Impacts of Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing

Though difficult to determine, the rare earthquakes which occurred in Dallas recently may have been the result of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. It is well known a consequence of fracking is the possibility of earthquakes, but it is not known how powerful an earthquake caused by fracking can be. However, the logistics of fracking seem to create a “perfect storm” situation, where underground shale formations are destroyed, resulting in geological instability under the surface. Further, the most efficient way of getting rid of the wastewater is to pump it back underground where, if a fault-line is present, essentially acts as… read more