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The Future is Multilingual

Future Speak

It’s as if the planet is shrinking. We can access information from the other side of the world in an instant and physically travel there within a day. Paradoxically, as the world gets smaller, our vision must get bigger. As outlined by Nicole-Anne Boyer in World Changing: A User’s Guide to the 21st Century (2006), we must broaden our perspectives if we are to experience the wonder and vitality that the world has to offer. This is not least in terms of the shared cultural diversity that has become a feature of globalization. Working (and playing) with people from an… read more

The Bioneers

The Bioneers

Hatched in 1990, the idea of the Bioneers, a word that was introduced by Kenny Ausubel, began to spring into action. Bioneers as defined, seek to uphold biological and cultural diversity, and take a more natural approach to the scientific and medicinal fields. Also biomimicry, or going back to nature as the model for problem solving, is the school of thought. Bioneers include a group of earth aware, educated individuals demanding change and examining new and justifiable ways of arriving at solutions. Initially, Bioneer efforts were interested in native cultural and bio-diversification, sustainable farming and conservation. Bioremediation, or naturally dealing with… read more