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The Culinary Lavender

The Culinary Lavender

A fragrant shrub, lavender has tons of uses from medicinal to its effectiveness in aromatherapy. Lavender contains phytonutrients and has benefits when applied topically, inhaled or ingested. Lavender also has many culinary applications. The tops of the flowers can be sprinkled on foods, added in batters and desserts or infused in beverages. Ingesting consumable lavender can ease an upset stomach and aid other digestive problems. It may also benefit the skin’s complexion. Taken orally it can relieve anxiety, calm the mind and help induce sleep. The following recipes provide some ideas on how to add lavender to beverages and food to enhance… read more

Goodbye Food Packaging

Green Food Packaging

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization’s statistics, 1.3 billion tons of food, equivalent to around 1/3 of the food produced is wasted each year on a global scale. Also, packaging waste totaled upwards of 75 million tons in 2010 just in the U.S., as stated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Not even half of that amount was reportedly recycled. Food waste occurs on an individual basis, but also happens during food production. What it takes to get food ready to sell just in the wrapping alone uses a lot of resources. Product packaging can be wasteful…and frustrating. If you have ever… read more