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Crowdsourcing the Shower of the Future

Hollow Water Showers

With the current pressures on water supply systems around the world, and the emphasis to conserve water so as to not waste this precious resource, having a better shower could go a long way toward changing water use habits in the developed world. And one company wants your help to design the shower of the future, offering cash prizes and a trip to London for the winners. Do you think you can design a more efficient, smarter shower, capable of being not only enjoyable, but also more sustainable? Then you might want to hit the drawing board and come up… read more

Crowdsourcing “Game” Helps Map Global CO2 Emissions


In order to help inform researchers with global carbon modeling, a combination crowdsourcing app and game aims to get a better grasp of the impact of the world’s 30,000 power plants. When gathering data on something so obvious, such as large power plants, it’s not as easy as you’d think, and in order to better understand where carbon dioxide emissions are coming from, climate researchers are asking for help from the crowd. Researchers at Arizona State University (ASU) have launched what they’re calling the first of its kind – an online game that turns participants into citizen scientists by rewarding… read more