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Freebies That Help Creative Types Create

Freebies That Help Creative Types Create

Free is fun. Especially when what is free also helps to rev up one’s creative side. From PSFK, the Maker’s Manual is a free download that offers a survey of available resources for project development. The handbook goes over information about prototypes and projects, along with tools to spark ideas or even sell a product. If music and running codes are your thing, check out Wavepot. It is an open-source platform for making electronic music that is based in JavaScript. Still in the early stages, the developers want to work out bugs and enhance the technology but in the meantime are… read more

Want To Be More Creative? Get Outdoors

Want To Be More Creative? Get Outdoors.

If you haven’t been getting outside enough lately, consider that carving time out in the day for doing so may enhance your creativity, among other things. Researchers from the University of Kansas looked at the effect that being immersed in nature can have on creativity. Interested in finding if being outdoors could elicit measureable brain fluctuations, they performed studies on groups of backpackers ranging in age from 18 to those in their 60’s. The research team took groups of participants on a backpacking excursion in Utah. After being given the Remote Associates Test (RAT), which is a word association assessment… read more