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4 Clever, Last-Minute Costumes for Halloween


With Halloween only a couple of days away, you may find yourself scrambling for costume ideas – and materials. Luckily, the web is a cesspool of ideas and, if you don’t want to draw directly from someone else’s ingenuity, is abundant with resources to make your own ideas achievable. The costumes below are not only crafty displays of the mind, but make good use of often disposed materials. Cereal Killer It is not a spoon that should make morning grains quake but you. This costume is best executed using mini-sized cereal boxes. Other boxes will work also, but you’ll want… read more

Go Green with Halloween

Photography by Jenne Kopalek

Halloween is officially here with the ghoulish décor, sinister cider, and pumpkins galore. Have you picked your costume yet? Did you know that consumers spent over $2.5 billion on costumes last year? How do we keep Halloween green, save a few bucks, and create a pretty wicked Halloween costume. Here is a few ideas to get your haunt on. So let’s green that Halloween garb with a few spooky costumes. Here are a few of our favorite do-it-yourself costumes. Crash Test Dummy: Just a tad of lipstick and some black eyeliner and you can be everyone’s favorite crash test dummy…. read more