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Are Rechargeable Batteries Worth It?

Rechargeable Battery

When it comes to batteries, one can never tell how much juice is left in the tank before it dies, which usually occurs at crucial moments. Our usual solution is to take a trip to Walmart and pick up a pack of rechargeable batteries. However, without careful research you might not realize that some of these supposed “energy-saving” batteries are barely a step up from the traditional kind. Whatever type of battery you need, there is most likely a rechargeable alternative, which saves you money and headaches, not to mention lightens the burden on our nation’s landfills. Some of them… read more

Green is Gold

Green design for the future

Green is the Gold of the modern times. Gone are the days when machine age ruled the trend charts, the days when luxury was displayed by gas-guzzling heating or electricity-sucking lighting. With the rise in demand for energy the need and awareness for conserving it (and devising ways to conserve it) has also risen. This very trait is well displayed in the homes and the buildings of today. They are usually designed in order to use the maximum potential of natural and renewable resources. With this in mind, the luxuries should be designed with maximum organic resources and the non-eco-friendly… read more

Flushing It Away

Effective water use

In 2011, I bought my husband a dual flush toilet for Father’s Day, and he bought me one for Mother’s Day. I installed them one weekend when he wasn’t looking, for his birthday – best gift EVER.  We live in a 1,200 square foot home in Albany, NY. It is approximately 90 years old with one and a half bathrooms (hence the two toilets).  We reduced our overall potable water usage by 25%. Now, there’s not really any money savings for us in this.  The cost of water in Albany is not much at all.  Only one of the toilets… read more