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6 Easy Upcycling Projects Using Kitchen Items

6 Easy Upcycling Projects Using Kitchen Items

Organization, storage and other items for the home can be expensive. Making your own can be done for next to nothing, and using things you probably already have on hand in the kitchen. An empty oatmeal box can be turned into an instant holder for items like ribbon, mailing supplies and even items in the garage. Deck it out with fabric or paper and put it to work. It can also decorated and used for kid inspired storage. Why buy a storage container for things like pencils, scissors, art supplies and tools when they can be made from empty cans…. read more

Impermeable Cork Umbrellas

Cork Umbrellas by Pelcor

Cork is the processed bark of Quercus suber (the Cork Oak), a tree that enjoys growing widely in Portuguese landscapes. To get the raw material there is not need to cut down the tree it will soon generate new bark layers regenerating itself with time. Quercus suber is originally from southwest Europe and northwest Africa and as a material, cork is more commonly used for wine stoppers, although their plastic copies are increasingly replacing them. Cork’s bubble-form structure and natural fire resistance make it suitable for thermal insulation in house walls, floors, ceilings and facades. A very versatile material with many… read more

Crafting with Purpose

Cork coasters

There are enough ‘green’ projects to keep one busy for a lifetime. This isn’t a bad thing, I am all for the reuse of materials and as resources become limited it is often a necessity to reuse. However, reusing materials to make crafts with little purpose in themselves creates the same dilemma as the material you were trying to recycle in the first place. When reusing materials, we should keep in mind a purpose for the piece, ensuring it does not endure the same fate one might expect from a piece of macaroni art. This is to say, although it may no doubt receive a proud display at first, with the passing of time it is… read more

Beyond Leather

Beyond leather

The debate on leather is not a new one. However, its importance remains relevant. Where you stand on the leather issue impacts the choices you make as a person and a consumer. This, in turn, impacts society and the environment, plus the countless lives that are inhumanely cut short to create the material. Some people may be unaware of their leather purchases, as it is used widely from shoes and wallets to couches and car seats. Other people have a ‘loyalty’ to the wearing and using of leather as they associate it with quality or luxury. Whether you fit within either group or avoid leather altogether, we… read more