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Civilization Starter Kit

OSE Logo

The Do-It-Yourself community has a new popular category; build your own farm equipment. It’s called Open Source Ecology, and according to the website, it is a “network of farmers, engineers, and supporters that for the last two years has been creating the Global Village Construction Set…”. Though it began two years ago, the open source project has recently begun receiving widespread popularity and acclaim. In essence, the group’s goal is to make available blueprints and designs for various farm equipment, buildings, tools, and more for the general public to get involved in self-sustainability. And in any case, it’s a great… read more

Greener Homes Required

Green architectural designs

Be it sun-lit mansions, garden duct cooling or solar heating. All these words sounded lame and too fictional a few years back. But now, due to awareness for the environment, houses are designed in order to reduce to the maximum wastage and dependence on non renewable energy and adopt use for the natural sources of energy. Reduction in housing spaces in cities and the ever increasing demand for power has forced people to design their houses to give them comfort without compromising the “green” factor for their house. For this, the easy and practical option is to switch over to… read more

Giant 3D House Printers

Contour Crafting Construction

While methods for assembling roads, bridges, and tunnels have evolved over the years, the procedures for home construction remain virtually the same. In Third World countries, this failure to modernize has cost many lives each year through dangerous construction practices, and delays the process of transforming impoverished nations into cultured societies. Recently, the method of 3D printing has gained popularity in the manufacturing and scientific industry. These printing devices are capable of taking certain construction materials and turning them into 3-Dimensional products. So far, organs, tools, artwork, and even guns have been printed and sold in retail stores worldwide. Scientists… read more

The Billion Dollar Islands

The Seasteading Institute's island dream

In the waters off the San Franciscan coast in the U.S., a chain of artificial islands are quietly being designed, with plans for their construction occurring sometime in the near future. These elaborate sanctuaries are the brainchild of Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel (famous for his early funding of Facebook), and have received monetary support from like-minded individuals such as Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, and other notable and affluent figures worldwide. A company called The Seasteading Institute has backed the construction of these islands. The idea was first presented to Peter Thiel by former Google engineer Patri Friedman, a leader… read more

Efficiency By Design

Low usage and high efficiency homes

Buildings are by far the most important venue for efficiency by design. More energy and materials are used in their construction as well as energy consumed during their lifetime, consequently their design and construction practices should be implemented in the most sustainable way possible to attain the goal of carbon neutrality and only natural materials used. The structure of our buildings and homes should be made from sustainable materials bought regionally to increase the economy and increase longevity of the structure. As an example, standing seam metal roofs last longer and can actually reflect solar radiation, keeping your attic and… read more

Green Building For Profit

Building better and more efficiently

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is a cyclic thought and action process: engage stakeholders, understand the problem, find solutions, repeat and repeat again. One result of TBL in the design and construction industry is that we are finally moving past the egocentric view that we can design whatever we like and then engineer the systems to make the building comfortable for others to live and work in. We can save money and energy as well as improve our health if we incorporate location-based diversity into how we design and build and renovate buildings. We also see that construction work is the… read more