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More Connected Than Ever-But In The Right Way?

More Connected Than Ever-But In The Right Way?

We are more technologically connected than ever, but are we less connected to each other? Seemingly, the answer is yes. And research is backing this up with interesting findings in the quest to better understand human behavior in a social media crazed society. Why do we need to be constantly connected to all things media? Why have we become wired this way? An article published in 250 words examines those of us who have our feet in both worlds; born before the era of the internet, but now rooted and immersed daily in the world of technology. Referring to those… read more

Saving Life On Earth

Saving Life on Earth

What can you do to help save life on Earth? Biodiversity is a buzz word but how can you or I make a difference? Remember that everything is connected.. It’s a tenet of ecology and an underpinning principle to sustainability. Every choice we make – in our home, in the marketplace, the workplace, at school – has repercussions that extend beyond the face-value of the action. When you wash toxins down the toilet, they eventually reach our waterways and have impacts on aquatic plants, amphibians, macroinvertebrates and fish. When you eat large quantities of meat, you’re fueling an industry that… read more

That Special Place

That special place

I first encountered wild nature in Australia when I was four years old. My mum and her sister, Aunty Karen, took me on an excursion to Kondalilla Falls atop the Blackall Range in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The dense foliage and fast-moving water was unlike anything I had ever seen. I can remember running along the forest track and being filled with such bliss that I proclaimed, “I want to live here. Please can we live here”. But my mother and Aunty didn’t share my enthusiasm to build a home in the rainforest. I cried in the car all the way… read more