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SunnyBot Solar Robot Focuses Sun’s Rays

SunnyBot Solar Robot Focuses Sun's Rays

It can be quite frustrating to see brilliant sunshine just outside the window, yet be sitting or working in a dimly lit room and having to use electric lighting to see what you’re doing. But if you had a small personal heliostat, such as this little solar robot, the SunnyBot, you could focus and redirect the sun’s rays right into your room, bringing the full spectrum of sunlight inside. The SunnyBot, from Solenica, is a cordless solar-tracking device that can be set up to reflect the light hitting it onto a particular object or room, sending up to 7000 lumen of… read more

World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant Online in UAE

Shams 1 concentrated solar plant

A 100 MW concentrated solar power plant went online in the United Arab Emirates on Saturday, deploying 258,000 mirrors, mounted on 768 tracking parabolic trough collectors, to concentrate the heat from the sun into electricity. The plant, named Shams 1, is now the largest concentrated solar power plant in the world. The grid-connected solar plant, located in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, can generate enough renewable energy to power 20,000 homes, and is another example of the recent tendency in the traditionally oil-rich regions to diversify into alternative and renewable energy sources. “Shams 1 is a strategic investment in… read more

Using Concentrated Solar to Purify Drinking Water


Many people across the globe don’t have regular access to potable drinking water, so developing better and more sustainable solutions to water purification, especially low-tech solutions, fits a very real need in the world. A wide range of options are out there, from individual filter straws to family-sized filtration units and village-sized purification systems. For providing reliable clean water over the long run, especially far off the beaten path, water purification devices need to be not only dependable, but also simple to maintain or fix with just the tools and materials at hand. Having to order a replacement part and… read more