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Self-Monitored Gardens


The Greener Cities project, winner of the “Smart Cities, Smart Climate” challenge, proposes a way in which urban gardeners can poses the ability to know the state of their plants as they change. The class challenge was part of the larger International Space Apps Challenge, organized by NASA. It was designed to encourage public participation in the discovery of environmental connections with data-sets, such as traffic accidents; doing so using existing data, such as public health records. Greener Cities achieves this in three steps. First, the project introduces garden monitors, which will serve as low-cost sensors for urban planters. Secondly,… read more

Architectual Oddities Fill-in City Gaps


Eradicating urban cavities across the likes of New York City and Helsinki, Live Between Buildings are slender apartments, set to be installed within the nooks and crannies of cramped city-scapes. Their 5-foot width and tactful design allow the apartments to rest snuggly within areas that are otherwise difficult to utilize. They also allow occupants to live in-between homes without any indications towards a transient lifestyle. Their proposal came about as part of the International Design┬áCompetition, NEW VISION OF THE LOFT 2, organized by FAKRO in collaboration with the magazine A10 European Architecture – having won the contest. The winning project… read more