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Town Planning and Transport Efficiency

Public Transport benefits

In many developed countries public transport is so efficient that many people use it to get to and from work. Besides the economic benefits of using public transport, this choice of daily travel could potentially reduce carbon emissions. In Swaziland the use of public transport to travel to work has not taken root due to the inefficiency of our public transport system. Town planning and transport efficiency in our cities is increasingly becoming important. The way in which our towns are developed will now have to take into account the environmental implications of travel within the city, and also to… read more

Try New Transport Options

Transport options

Fuel prices continue to soar and along with the cost of insurance and maintenance, many people are finding driving a car more of a hassle than a pastime. Riding a bike will certainly save money on gas and give you a great cardiovascular workout while doing so. Choose your bike wisely. Do you live in the flatlands? A leisure or cruise bike is good for flat surfaces and provides a smooth journey. If you live in the rigid backsides of the country or in a city with many hills, you may want to pursue mountain bikes. Invest in a security lock… read more

Underground Access Please

Unused subways

Since the invention of automobiles, public transport has declined, even though the need for it remains. Accompanied by ever-accessible highways and interstates, cars have lead to empty subways. Many abandoned subways lie beneath cities today, unbeknownst to some residents. Obviously this is not a problem to those who drive cars but there are still people who either can’t drive or choose not to. And not everyone wants to commute by bus or transit. This is why pedestrians and cyclists would benefit from the creation of lanes separate from major roads, allowing them access to important areas within their city without… read more

Alternatives To Driving

Alternatives to Driving

Each summer, gas prices seem to increase whilst our daily commutes get longer. Sure, the electric vehicle market is growing exponentially, but that doesn’t mean we have the money to just go out and buy a Nissan Leaf or a Tesla Model S. It’s time to think smart, and think conservatively. Just because you can’t drive everywhere doesn’t mean the alternative can’t be creative. Do you enjoy rollerblading? Biking? Walking, even? Then this should be the easiest conversation you’ve ever had with yourself. If you live in New York City, check out the NYC rent-a-bike program. It’s cheap, it’s simple,… read more

Best new electric bike


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