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Back To School Cost Savers

Back to School

Every year across the world when campuses and classrooms start to fill up at the beginning of semesters, the costs for students and/or their parents mount up. And not just the financial cost, but the environmental cost of producing all those plastic items in immense. Here is a list of my top 5 eco-friendly solutions that will help your wallet and our world. Recycle What You Can The amount of paper students use every year is overwhelming.  There are notes, written papers, newspapers, graphs, instruction sheets and syllabi.  But, no matter how much of this paper we use, it will all end… read more

Mobilize The Young

Mobilize The Young

In an effort to mobilize the younger generation toward reducing carbon emissions and decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, the organization 350.org has launched a campaign aimed at persuading colleges and universities to divest their assets away from fossil fuel companies. The campaign is student-led, and coordinated by 350.org, a climate advocacy organization founded by author and activist Bill McKibben. Instead of utilizing fiscal or environmental arguments to persuade people and companies to move away from fossil fuel consumption, the organization’s goal is to turn global warming action into the moral issue of this generation. The campaign gathers its own data—which… read more