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Clever Uses for Coffee

Clever Uses for Coffee Grounds

Science and necessity have long looked to available resources for coming up with needed solutions. Stretching out everyday items and repurposing them can be helpful around the house as well as for the planet. Reusing coffee grounds is one interesting notion that has led to developing this ordinary essential for some into a wide range of other uses. From simple around the house chores to the advanced, cups of coffee are capable of doing more than perking people up. Leftover coffee grounds are perfect for hiding scratches and small dents in dark wood furniture. They can also be used outdoors… read more

Furniture Crafted From Coffee Grounds

Furniture Crafted From Coffee Grounds

The leftover coffee grounds from a morning jolt are not only good for compost fuel. Some creative designers are actually using them as materials for furniture making. A few years back, a nonprofit design company called Re-worked had a line of furniture that incorporated coffee grounds in the manufacturing process. The company, with the goal of making what they could from recycled waste materials, was able to create a substance which enabled them to form several sturdy furniture pieces called Çurface. Made from 30% coffee grounds and 70% High Impact Polysterene, the company also used recycled plastics. This mixture is made… read more