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The Sickening Side Of The Chocolate Industry

The Sickening Side Of The Chocolate Industry

Chocolate is a global delight that many consider to be a favorite indulgence. Opening the packaging and releasing the rich aroma, not to mention the whole melting in your mouth sensation, is enough to halt a chocolate lover momentarily in a sensory-heightened escape from the mundane. But do we always think about where our sweet treats travel from in order to get into our hands? Some of the highest cocoa producing commodities are found in the Western African countries of Ghana and the Ivory Coast. These regions produce over 70% of the world’s cocoa. These areas are reportedly also responsible… read more

Quality Partner Program

QPP Farming

The Quality Partner Program, also known as QPP, is a unique cocoa sustainability program developed by Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest cocoa and chocolate manufacturer, and our subsidiary Societé Africaine de Cacao (SACO) in Ivory Coast. QPP supports cooperatives in their efforts to serve the needs of their cocoa farmer members. It enables and encourages farmers to grow and produce cocoa in a sustainable, responsible way. Farmer Field Schools are used to help train the modern cocoa farmer. Farmers learn how to increase the productivity of their farms and how to improve the quality of their cocoa. They learn about… read more

The Good in Chocolate

Dark chocolate

Chocolate. Long considered a culinary sin, it’s loyal devotees have been advocating its health benefits for years. Only recently, have those claims been accepted. Lucky, as I am guilty as sin. Not all chocolate is created equal of course, and you must choose wisely when wanting to reap the benefits and dismiss the not so palatable side effects. Dark chocolate is the best pick with a high cocoa content. It is rich in flavanoids that are fantastic at eliminating toxins.  It has far more antioxidants than milk or white chocolate. About 4 squares of dark chocolate are 200 Calories. Ok if… read more