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Coca-Cola, In the Rocks


Beverage containers are one of the most common littered items found at beaches. Last year, over the span of one day alone, approximately one-half million volunteers worldwide collected 521,730 glass beverage bottles and over a million plastic beverage bottles from beaches across the globe. While there are many biodegradable packaging alternatives in the works, they are far from accessible to the every-day consumer. And those that have surfaced still pose the threat of releasing nitrogen, a substance more potent than CO2 emissions, if tossed into an anaerobic pile of waste. Still, plastic containers, should they degrade, will only break down… read more

Cola Cares For Bears

Copyrights of Coca Cola

One of the many gorgeous images that adorn our TV screens at Christmas time are the polar bears from Coca Cola’s Arctic Home commercials. Many people will think this is just a branding exercise to encourage consumers to buy their soda, however the relationship goes much deeper. The Coca-Cola Company’s love for the polar bear goes back decades. Polar bears were first introduced in the company’s print advertising in 1922 and today they remain one of its most lovable icons. Since 2007, Coca-Cola has supported World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Arctic research and conservation efforts. As part of this initiative, Coca-Cola has created Arctic… read more

Green is the new red

Green Coke

Coca-Cola Enterprises is set to roll out a fleet of renewable biogas-powered delivery trucks in London depot as part of a drive to cut its greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs. The investment follows a successful 12-month trial with low carbon vehicle technology advisor, the Centre of Excellence (Cenex), to evaluate and compare the emissions, fuel consumption, economics, reliability and operability of a 26 tonne Iveco Stralis biomethane gas vehicle with that of a diesel Stralis vehicle. It concluded that the gas vehicle achieved emissions savings of about 50%, compared to the diesel vehicles. Cenex has predicted this saving could… read more