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Benefits of Carbon Taxing


In the past, the thought of carbon taxing prompted within many Americans an internal groan at the thought of paying more money for our gas use. But a recent survey from December shows that most Americans would support the proposal of carbon taxing, with 70 percent in favor. Especially as taxing big corporations for their use of fuel could inspire the application of cleaner strategies, while the money made from taxing could go towards funding environmental solution programs and the creation of green jobs. Not only would carbon taxes help curb the escalating release of carbon emissions, but could also reduce… read more

The Singularity – What Is It?

Staring Into The Singularity

In the near future, science predicts that an event known as ‘The Singularity’ will occur that will permanently change the face of humanity. This event may be anything from the development and manufacturing of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, to creating virtual worlds in which we spend more time online than we do in real life. Many scientists and technology forecasters assume that we will reach this anomalous paradigm shift sometime around the year 2050. Their predictions on what will catalyze the event differ quite significantly, though most agree it is certainly on the horizon. Already more and more advanced AI’s are… read more

Fiscal Cliff & Climate Cliff

The fiscal cliff

In what can only be described as asinine and embarrassing for how long it took, the United States Congress has finally produced a plan to avert the Congress-created “fiscal cliff.” If doing the bare minimum of their job, i.e. paying the country’s bills, is too difficult and too much of a burden for the elected representatives of the American citizenry, then what can be expected of them when an issue which requires more than the minimum effort comes up? The cynical answer is “nothing,” or “no expectations,” but that is letting the Congress, the people that were chosen by their… read more

2012 Hottest on Record

Temperature rising in USA

Preliminary data suggested 2012 would be the hottest year on record, given the extreme weather which plagued the U.S. for large periods at a time, and now that the final sets of data have been reviewed, it is official: 2012 was the hottest year on record for the contiguous states. The extreme weather certainly had an effect: the surreal March heat wave, a severe drought in the Corn Belt, and Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the Middle Atlantic States. Simply stated, it was the perfect situation to become the hottest year on record. How hot was it? The average was 55.3… read more

Silence Finally Broken

Climate change issues

Despite climate change getting little attention during last year’s Presidential campaign, President Obama finally addressed the issue in a press conference a week after the election. According to MediaMatters, from August 1st to November 6th, television news coverage outside of MSNBC of climate change totaled 51 minutes. To give further perspective on the miniscule amount of time given to climate change, after the vice presidential debate, 91 minutes of television news coverage, again outside of MSNBC, were allotted to Joe Biden’s smiles and other aspects of body language toward Paul Ryan. A piece of “news” which had the lifespan of… read more

Climate Aid, Climate Change

Climate change

Despite the American presidential race being done and over with (thankfully, for some), it is still a relevant and important note to make that climate change was mentioned once during the campaigns, amidst the flurry of other, lesser topics which happened to be more alluring to the consensus. However, the election may be over, but the threat of a worsening climate due to human action is far from gone. Public opinion has experienced a massive sweep toward taking action against climate change, and it has also recognized human activity being responsible for the changing climate; over two-thirds of those polled… read more

The Slick Spreads

The Slick Spreads

It appears as though the Deepwater Horizon saga is not over, with new reports suggesting there is yet another oil sheen in the Gulf of Mexico coming from the site of the 2010 spill. BP had confirmed the oil sheen that appeared in mid-September in the Gulf was leaking from the containment dome, an abandoned piece of equipment which capped the original spill. The company addressed that leak by plugging it, only to find more slicks surfacing days later. It is clear that despite the company’s (hopefully) best efforts, the job hasn’t been done properly, and there is little evidence… read more

Climate Change On The Agenda

Climate Change on the Agenda

President Barack Obama was named as TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2012 recently, and was interviewed by the publication on a variety of issues as part of its article on the person of the year. In the interview, the president said the economy, immigration, climate change and energy would be at the top of his agenda for his second term. Now, being on the agenda and moving toward progressive policies are two different things, but it can be assumed the president will feel more comfortable aggressively pursuing progressive ideology. However, the economy and immigration will likely be the… read more

Florida Leads The Way

Florida Leads The Way

In early December last year, Florida residents were able to finally see a rare event in politics, especially when it comes to the environment. At the Southeast Florida Climate Leadership Summit (SFCLS), local government officials from four counties gathered to discuss how to mitigate and adapt to climate change and its impacts. In this “purple” state, government officials came together in a bipartisan manner to address climate change. Mayors, members of Congress, county commissioners and officials in charge of water issues in the state were at the Summit, and their political identifications and allegiances were across the board. It makes… read more

A Change In The Wind

A Change in the Wind

A couple of days before Thanksgiving last year, the Red State Renewable Alliance (RSRA) gave wind power supporters something for which to be thankful. Led by John Feehery, a Republican Washington insider, the RSRA backed wind power as it fights for a wind power production tax credit extension, despite the Republican Party talking points promoting the contrary. Feehery has had stints as the communications director for former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, along with former Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Individual elected Republicans have stood up in support of the wind energy tax credit, and have found themselves aligned with groups such… read more