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LifeStraw Saves Lives

LifeStraw purification method

The “LifeStraw” is an invention that could become one of the greatest life-savers in history. LifeStraw is a portable water purification instrument that cleanses surface water and makes it safe for human consumption.  It is a 25 cm long, 29 mm diameter, plastic pipe filter and costs just a few dollars. The original idea was created years ago by Torben Vestergaard Frandsen, but over the years in partnership with The Carter Center and others, the Lifestraw has made clean water a possibility to many. Millions of people die every year because they don’t have clean water to drink. Until now,… read more

TransCanada Restart

TransCanada Power - Creative Commons

After TransCanada restarted the pipeline they have confirmed that Bruce Power’s Unit 1 is now in commercial operations, the final milestone in the refurbishment of the Unit. A second significant milestone was achieved with the synchronization of Unit 2 to the Ontario power grid. “The commercial start of Unit 1 and synchronization of Unit 2 are exciting developments that are bringing to a close Bruce Power’s plans to see these refurbished reactors operate safely and reliably for decades to come,” said Russ Girling, TransCanada’s president and chief executive officer.  “We are pleased to have both units online and generating clean… read more

Clean Coal Conundrum

Carbon sequestration

The term “clean coal” sounds paradoxical, but it is theoretically clean.Well, if “clean” means “not in the air”. Theoretically, coal can be “clean” in two different ways. Carbon sequestration captures the emissions from burning coal before they exit through the smokestack, and stores them deep underground where they can’t escape. The technology isn’t available for carbon sequestration now, and likely won’t be for decades. Further, the process isn’t economically viable, but if it is a component of a clean energy policy, then its progress will accelerate from additional resources. The other way to have clean coal is to use what’s called a “scrubber”, which… read more

Natural Stain Removal

Natural stain removal

The good ol’ way to stain removal. Blood – Spit is apparently the best way to remove blood from your clothes. Next in line is one part water, one part salt. Soak. Sweat stains – ½ teaspoon of detergent, couple of drops of vinegar and ½ cup water. Press into stain, flush with water and blot dry. Gum – Freeze it! Yep, that’s right, stick it in the freezer and it will chip off. Ink – Massage hairspray into it and rinse with cold water. Make-up – Any grease-like stain can be treated with alcohol first and then a detergent… read more