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Alarming Facts About Water


Whether it’s the hour-long showers folks in the U.S. take, or the bath-in-the-swamp many people are forced to endure in underdeveloped nations, water is an important commodity, never to be taken for granted. Here are some interesting facts and information about water and how it affects people around the globe. The Good Water is the main constituent in the human body, and forms 50-60% of body weight and approximately 75% of body volume. Water contains zero fat, proteins, carbs, or calories. The average person uses 465 litres of water per day. However, with education and practice, those numbers can be severely… read more

The UNICEF Tap Project Turns 10 Minutes Into Water

The UNICEF Tap Project Turns 10 Minutes Into Water

The United Nations Children’s Fund, or UNICEF, is an organization that began in 1946 in order to assist women and children in receiving basic nutritional and humanitarian services. There are a reported 768 million people worldwide who do not have enough water, according to UNICEF statistics. On a daily basis, 1,400 children lose their lives from diseases that are tied to a lack of clean water. UNICEF’s presence can be seen in countries all over the globe, where the organization has helped to provide sterile water and sanitation services. The UNICEF Tap Project is a nationwide fundraising event held by… read more

The Giant European Floating Museum

Floating Museum

Much like our story regarding Peter Thiel’s genius idea to construct massive floating islands, a Belgian architect envisions a giant floating museum to travel Europe’s rivers. The conceptual museum has been dubbed “Physalia”, though it is much more than a simple historical attraction. The futuristic boat will contain a museum, a nightclub, gardens, and other green design features, including extensive filtration systems and solar energy. Vincent Callebaut, the man behind the vision, has big plans for Physalia. He expects that it will float down rivers while simultaneously making the water clean and drinkable via the ship’s filters. The boat will… read more

Top Young Scientist Award

Polluted water

Brilliant minds are not limited by age and neither is caring for others. The top young scientist has been crowned for 2012. The 14-year-old school student from New Hampshire, Deepika Kurup, was named “America’s Top Young Scientist” for inventing a solar-powered water jug that has the ability to change dirty water into a purified drinking water. Deepika Kurup did not only surpass 9 other finalists with her science and math skills to win $25,000 from Discovery Education and 3M. Kurup persuaded the judges with a fantastic five minute long, live presentation about the difficulty of a billion less fortunate people… read more

Short Term Thinking?Part 2

The oil and mining industry

In the feverish drive for domestic energy, all energy sources are on the table. With renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, surging, and oil and gas continuing to be not only the primary source of energy, but also the prominent “evil-doer” in the energy industry, other sources have been able to slide under the radar of the public—for better or worse. After the disaster in Fukushima, nuclear energy has been on the ropes, but it is not down for the count. Despite the limitations placed on the nuclear energy industry regarding building new power plants, uranium is still… read more