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DIY Air Purifier For $25


Winter is coming, which means flu season, winter colds, stuffy noses, and other sicknesses nobody has time for. Sometimes our homes being more or less closed-off during this season can cause some of these common illnesses, since we don’t have natural ventilation from open windows. Also, if you haven’t kept up with the cleaning, your heaters are probably blowing dust all over the place. Enter the air purifier system. This nifty device filters out dust particles in the air and cleans up whatever room you’ve place it in. However, for a good-quality system, you’ll likely spend $50 – $150 to… read more

Video: The Obscene Amount Of Pollution In China


Russia, Asia, and South America rank the highest on the world’s scale of most-polluted areas, although China still takes the cake year after year. Vice magazine sent a camera crew to document the ridiculous amount of pollution that Chinese citizens breath in every day, and they created a 2-part series on Youtube. We’ve linked both parts below, and highly recommend you watch them. We won’t blame you if you feel like taking a shower afterwards. PART ONE: Still have the stomach to continue? PART TWO:

The Montreal Protocol Reduces Ozone Depletion

Cleaning up the ozone layer is one of the top priorities for countries around the globe, specifically the ones with the capability to take on such a massive task. Under an international treaty called ‘The Montreal Protocol’, governments across the globe will begin to phase out numerous substances responsible for the depletion of our ozone layer. Over the next few decades, this protocol will be enacted, and the process of cleaning up the atmosphere will begin. You can read the specifics of the protocol here, and you can check out the video below that explains how the process will work…. read more

Smog-Eating Sidewalks

Artist Concept

It’s the subject of much discussion; the level of pollution in America. Each year, machines spew millions of tons of pollution into the environment, killing wildlife, people, and creating barren wastelands uninhabitable by civilized life. Thankfully, the world is awakening to the crisis before us. Ironically leading the charge in part is the city of Chicago, Illinois. Here we find a small glimpse into the future; pollution-gobbling sidewalks and roads that suck up toxic chemicals like a sand lion swallows ants. It’s called “photocatalytic cement.” This magic stuff is covered in titanium dioxide particles that remove gases from the air…. read more

Coffee Grounds Making Fires Eco Friendly

Friendly Fires

What could be more romantic than a cozy fire? A crackling fireplace has long been embedded in our ideal of a home. The only downside to this woodsy comfort is the numerous pollutants released when the lumber is burned. One of these pollutants is carbon monoxide. Among many things, carbon monoxide can contribute to the development of cancer. It has no odor or color, which makes it hard for people to detect until they have been harmfully affected by it. But for those who still wish to benefit from fire’s warmth and whimsy, there are other ways to go about it…. read more

Air Purifier Cleans Air by Committing Airocide


If you’re looking for the ultimate in clean air, consider the Airocide, which uses NASA-developed technology to eliminate indoor toxins and pollutants. We talk a lot about the importance of clean air in our neighborhoods, but we sometimes we forget that the most important location for clean air is in the rooms where we live and work. The same air that is polluted outside of our buildings is the same air that gets pulled inside for ventilation, where it then also mixes with gasses and pollutants coming from the furnishings and building materials that make up the rooms. Because we… read more

Organic eco-fashion

VBN - Vicarious by Nature

The Vicarious by Nature collection of fashionable, organic & eco-conscious contemporary clothing will be on show on March 8, 2012 at the Attire to Inspire fashion show as part of Los Angeles fashion week. Founded in 2007 by Robb Hanson & Devon Craychee, Vicarious by Nature (VBN) is an eco-contemporary clothing line that fosters the ideals of quality and style with a “naturally” conscious approach. They aim to be forward thinking environmentally, while still being fashion forward. Attire to Inspire, Breathe LA‘s second annual charity fashion show, will be held at the Conga Room in downtown Los Angeles. Other eco… read more