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City Spaces That Smile

City Spaces That Smile

If you have ever had to reside in a drab, concrete city space, you may appreciate the following residences that have a few sunny details that help liven up their look. Both individualistic and industrial, this uniquely presented Australian home is an original take on residential structures. From Of Diverse Research Architects, the exterior is partly dressed in corrugated sheet metal and has interesting angles and neat window positioning. Often, city lots lose out on room for the outdoors, but the architects were able to squeeze in an area between the building spaces. The rooftop deck offers a premium outside spot,… read more

Town Planning and Transport Efficiency

Public Transport benefits

In many developed countries public transport is so efficient that many people use it to get to and from work. Besides the economic benefits of using public transport, this choice of daily travel could potentially reduce carbon emissions. In Swaziland the use of public transport to travel to work has not taken root due to the inefficiency of our public transport system. Town planning and transport efficiency in our cities is increasingly becoming important. The way in which our towns are developed will now have to take into account the environmental implications of travel within the city, and also to… read more

Masdar City And The World of Tomorrow

Masdar City

We’ve written about floating islands, Mars colonies, the future, and more. Now we’ll give you a glimpse of what the next eco-centric city might look like, and you’ll find it, of all places, in the Middle East. Why would a place known the world over for its petroleum exports build a solar-powered city? Well, for starters, because it’s in their best interests. At this point and time, alternative energy is on the up-and-up. Oil-powered vehicles will be a thing of the past in the next couple of decades. Masdar City won’t be built overnight, so it’s wise to plan ahead…. read more

A Free And Open World

Open World Concept

We’ve all heard the dream of “creating an open world”, usually spoken during tech conferences or plastered on smartphone and laptop boxes. But do we know what it really means? In this segment, much like the Day In The Life Of 2025 article, we’ll provide an insight into what an open world will look like. Picture this: You walk into a museum with your family and friends. You admire the beautiful display of paintings and sculptures, but you don’t notice any writing around them describing what you’re seeing. Why? Because your augmented reality glasses display the information around you. The HUD… read more

The Need for Urban Farms


Currently, half the world’s population lives in cities and by 2030 the number of urban dwellers is expected to reach 70 percent of the entire population. Because of the constant population growth, in total cities will swell up to well over 9 billion. Meanwhile there is an ever persistent need to feed this growing population. This can pose problems in dense areas of limited space. As we come closer to realizing this reality, urban farming becomes more than experiment in sustainability and will soon be a necessity if we wish to have a balanced flow of the consumption and production… read more

Log Garden


Gardening can seem tricky in cities where space is limited. This results in people choosing to create windowsill gardens and grow in potted plants to preserve space. Even then, you may be faced with insufficient amounts of sunlight. There are remedies for this, found in nutritious plants that have the ability to grow in confined spaces, and sustain life with little light exposure.  This comes in handy in places where most is shrouded in shadows cast by multi-story tower blocks. Mushrooms are a good example of this. In the wild they grow on dead trees and, as added convenience for city dwellers, they can grow on logs as well. The method… read more