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Clothing Concept With a Twist of Citrus

Clothing Concept With a Twist of Citrus

Could future fashions be made from oranges? This is a question that a team of creative designers asked in a concept project. Adriana Santanocito and a small squad of visionaries who are passionate about bringing sustainable clothing ¬†more mainstream have thought of a new material for making it, the orange. What started as a university dissertation project led to a stint in partnership with the chemistry research and development laboratory at the Polytechnic University of Milan. The creative idea matured into the successful formulation of using the cellulose fibers to produce clothing textiles. The founder of¬†Orange Fiber, Santanocito, discussed the… read more

Clever Citrus

Uses for Citrus

Food is not only something you can eat, but often you can find good reason to play with it, too. For instance, there are many things to do with citrus peels after the fruit has been eaten. Peels can be used as a chemical free cleanser. Citrus rinds, especially those from lemons and limes, are great for scouring. Cut fruit in half, and once you have eaten the insides save the peels. Fill them with baking soda and a bit of vinegar and you have a natural scrubber. Try using to clean your sinks, pots and pans, counters, stovetops, grout… read more