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Turning Peels Into Tasty Seasoning

Peelpride Turns Waste Peels Into Tasty Seasoning

Dutch designers are so resourceful and clever. Maybe because they live in a small country or maybe because they have the best designs universities, including the Design Academy of Eindhoven. Two years ago, Rianne Koens graduated from the prestigious university in Eindhoven, with a project that makes good use from food waste using dry peels for creating seasoning. It all started when Koens noticed that fruit skins are full of flavor and tossing them away was really, a waste. So she thought on a clever way of processing the natural material creating a set of kitchen elements for peeling, drying,… read more

Clever Citrus

Uses for Citrus

Food is not only something you can eat, but often you can find good reason to play with it, too. For instance, there are many things to do with citrus peels after the fruit has been eaten. Peels can be used as a chemical free cleanser. Citrus rinds, especially those from lemons and limes, are great for scouring. Cut fruit in half, and once you have eaten the insides save the peels. Fill them with baking soda and a bit of vinegar and you have a natural scrubber. Try using to clean your sinks, pots and pans, counters, stovetops, grout… read more