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Search Walk Score and Walk Some More

Search Walk Score and Walk Some More

In metropolitan areas the foot commute can be a part of the everyday. Walkways can often be overlooked in places where concrete tends to take over the greenery. Community walk paths that are arranged around nature and not intruding upon it can be found in several designs. Safe, easily cleaned and synthetic materials kept to a minimum, these paths actually encourage walking. Great for sneaking in exercise and improving health, walking as opposed to riding saves environmental energy while increasing individual energy levels. So, how does your neighborhood or favorite spot do on a walkabout? You can find out at Walk… read more

Sustainable Cities Around the World


A well-designed city is highly sustainable. With green spaces, bike routes, and good public transportation systems, cities can be great for the environment. People living in city centers are less likely to drive their cars downtown due to the frustration of getting stuck in traffic and the hassle of trying to find parking, which means that more people in cities enjoy the health benefits of walking and cycling. Given this trend, it’s unsurprising that those living in the downtown areas tend to be slimmer and healthier than people living outside these urban cores. However, sustainability encompasses more than just environmentalism… read more

Green Efforts: St. Louis


In the previous “Green Efforts: Intro” article, we let off at Greensburg, Kansas. We now pick up a couple ball tosses over to St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis is a city varied by culture and historical influence. Its lush fabric contains rich architectual heritage merged with a progressive downtown that illustrates the skyline. The city is punctuated by the Gateway Arch, which can be seen as an exclamation of the city’s revival. Despite its size, St. Louis has a low cost of living and in addition offers many free activities and attractions that can educate visitors just as well as they can entertain them. These are… read more

Urban Efficiency

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In our search to be closer to nature, we may actually be killing it. When we think of green living, we may think of solar paneled houses with compost bins nestled in vast, pastoral landscapes where one lives isolated from their neighbors, but this image is flawed. While such areas may allow you to live closer to nature, their distance from urban necessities – along with the creation of expressways to accommodate such distance – makes rural areas more damaging to the environment. On the contrary, urban areas that provoke images of pollution, crime, and over-population are actually more environmentally friendly. This is no accident, many factors that define… read more