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Just A Normal Day Wearing Chicken Feathers

Just A Normal Day Wearing Chicken Feathers

Referred to as the urban chicken craze, the recent upsurge in popularity of keeping chickens has invaded many cities. Fresh eggs, natural insect control around the yard and the urge to bring a bit of the farm to the city are all reasons to own chickens. However, scientist Yiqi Yang has found another way in which chickens are naturally useful, and it involves their feathers. Turns out, Yang has actually developed a way to make yarn from a combination of chicken feathers and rice straw, which are normally discarded leftovers from the farming trade. He came up with this textile… read more

Eggshell Storage

Eggshells for energy

Mitlin, a professor of chemical and materials engineering at the University of Alberta, Canada is working on a way to turn waste eggshell membranes and egg whites into materials for high-performance supercapacitors. Supercapacitors are devices which offer many “need-of-the-hour” features like high power density, charging and discharging which are generally faster than regular rechargeable batteries. But unfortunately they store much less energy. Mitlin thinks the membranes inside eggshells could help crack this problem. “If you could keep the very nice power of a supercapcitor but extend the energy density even to be that of a mediocre lithium-ion battery, you’d really… read more

Free Range Eggs Are Best

Benefits of free range eggs

In addition to being a great source of protein, eggs contain antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and other health-promoting substances. However, recent studies have shown that not all eggs are created equal. There are many types of eggs available, including organic, free range, free run, and regular eggs with no special classification. Free range hens are not kept in cages and they have outdoor access at least part of the time. Eggs labeled “organic” are also free range because to obtain the organic label, the hens that produce them must be allowed to go outdoors. However, there are much stricter guidelines… read more