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This Person Spent 9 Months Driving A Chevy Volt


Nine months of ownership, a meager 14 gallons of gas, and 9,000 miles later, this Chevy Volt owner provides his review of the car. The Volt, as most of you may remember, suffered a tragic amount of setbacks, bad press, and a slow roll-out when GMC debuted it in 2012. Volt’s have since been overshadowed by the success of the award-winning Tesla Model S, the Nissan Leaf, and others. Does this mean it’s a bad car? Not even slightly. Take a look at this informative video from a Volt owner, and then decide for yourself whether or not the press… read more

2014 Chevy Volt is $5000 Cheaper


One of the big stumbling blocks for many people who might be inclined to buy an electric vehicle is the price tag, but a recent move by Chevy may put more of their Volts in the hands of the public. According to GM, customers can get a discount on the 2014 Volt models, which would reduce the base price of the vehicles down to $35,000. With additional government rebates, that price could drop to as low as $27,500, which is much more affordable than the original $40,000 price. “We have made great strides in reducing costs as we gain experience… read more