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Waste Not, Want Not


Most of the organic materials that end up in the dumpster are produce, bakery items, and dairy products. Those foods could be used in five ways to reduce the amount of food waste being generated. If food is anaerobically digested for renewable energy production, then the residuals can, and should, be put to beneficial use to feed the soil not landfills. Businesses, institutions, and individuals alike are being encouraged to make the most of what they have by reducing their food waste, separating excess food for donations, and composting the remainder. Reducing, donating and recycling excess food can have a… read more

Water Gets Some Attention With These 2 Products

Water Gets Some Attention With These 2 Products

Drinking water is essential, and sometimes extra steps are needed to get enough of it to meet the requirements. Whether filtering for added safety or enhancing it to make it more flavorful, the products available in the water market are wide ranging. The Soma water filtration system contains a unique biodegradable filter that is made from Malaysian coconut shell carbon and silk layers. Its casing is plant based and the combination of materials creates a natural filtering mechanism. It is supposed to make water safer as well as taste fresher and crisper. The filter system comes with a glass carafe that… read more

Fund Reforestation Efforts with Your Recycled Ideas

Fund Reforestation Efforts with Your Recycled Ideas

For a great way to help fund a conservation charity, without spending a penny, consider contributing to the Recycling for Reforestation campaign from Fashion for Home. This home furnishings company is working to become more sustainable and environmentally aware by offering at least one range of furniture made from recycled wood, and now they’re partnering with the Red Endangered Animal Connection Trust (REACT) on a project that could not only help fund it, but will also build an online resource with recycled furniture ideas. The Recycling for Reforestation campaign asks people to send in their photos and stories about decorating… read more

eBay Giving Works to Charity


In a consumer society what and how you buy products reflects your personality and your values. Whether you wear your friend’s old clothes or get creative making old tees into scarves, you are creating a second life instead of throwing them into a landfill and creating waste. Now there is a way to combine the desire to purchase and the desire to help someone else in the same transaction. If you have ever browsed eBay you may have noticed that some listings are a part of eBay Giving Works. eBay Giving Works is monitored by Mission Fish and allows 10-100% of an auction… read more

Ways Around Waste

Ways Around Waste

In the midst of last year’s drought some crops, such as wheat, have been unaffected. Others, however, have not faired so well. There has been a 13 percent decrease in corn harvested and 12 percent decrease in soybeans harvested compared to those harvested in 2011. Yet many developed countries continue to take food for granted. Nearly one third of all food produced gets thrown away each year. By eating smarter and preserving food we can cut down on the depletion of resources. Fill your plate with roughly half of what you think you’ll eat first. Chances are you aren’t as… read more

A Better Place for Books

Library for homeless

We all know how to recycle. It has been implemented over the last few decades and I believe, fully embraced in the last few years. Nowadays, there’s a bin for almost every category of trash. Composts, paper, glass, plastics. You name it, it can be recycled. Even the simple teabag could be separated into three categories. Paper, aluminium and food scraps. All of this awareness and organisation is wonderful. The councils that implement these policies and the community that embrace them are to be lauded. Perhaps, however, an even more sustainable way to recycle products is available to us, and one… read more

Nickels and Dimes

Saving loose change

We’ve all heard phrases pertaining to “nickels and dimes.” And indeed much of ones income can be lost in small things. What seems minute one day quickly adds up. There are plenty of simple ways to resolve this, and in fact, it can be quite painless to save money. To start, evaluate your spending habits. Be honest with yourself in checking where the bulk of your money is being spent. With that completed ask yourself, “Do I need these things?” and “If not, am I willing to go without them?” If you thing you’re game, try cutting these things out…. read more