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Smarter Power Designs

Smarter Power Designs

Gadgets and gear are all encompassing; smothering the retail market with each new upgrade, add-on or novel needed feature. These 2 designs are creative spins on their existing versions, but also promise to still be future relevant. A smart charging station is determined to take over the mass array of chargers. DODOcase and Stikwood created a docking station called the Charging Nest that is supposed to cover the present and the future with its all-encompassing charging features. It has an old fashioned look that gives it character, but it is a fully modern, adjustable charging dock. Made from reclaimed wood, it can charge devices… read more

Camping Gets A Charge

Camping Gets A Charge

Camping excursions without proper gear can be problematic. However, some high tech wonders that will only be a camper’s dream for most have moved past the idea phase and onto the drawing board. Not yet reaching into the world of available merchandise, these concept products would step up camping convenience a notch. One item that would have the power to literally transform an outdoor stay is the Orange™ Solar Tent. This idea combines solar power and turns a normal tent into a charging station for mobile devices. The design is constructed of sturdy photovoltaic fabric to help capture and store… read more

Cellphone Charging Stations In New York


Today, an ambitious (and much-needed) project went live in Brooklyn, New York. Goal Zero, the company behind the program, unveiled their newest array of cellphone charging stations, and announced plans for nine more in the immediate future. Beginning in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene park, the charging station project is available for the public to utilize. The stations are solar-powered, and were funded in part by AT&T Wireless. Each station has USB charging ports that can charge 6 cellphones at a time. The ports have 3 15-watt solar panels that provide the necessary charging power. Goal Zero believes this project is long… read more

EV Charging Stations

An EV station concept

With the recent influx of electric vehicles by carmakers such as Nissan, Chevy, Tesla, and others, the question of charging the vehicles still remains. Each car comes equipped with a charging system to plug your car in at home, but what about refueling on the road? Tesla in 2012 promised to build a national electric car charging network. Their array of superchargers would spread across the nation on the biggest highways, and would be available for anyone with Tesla’s Model S electric vehicle. However, each station would charge your vehicle for free. Nissan also has big plans for their new… read more

Wind Powered Charger


Using an electric car is really cool and now there is yet another reason to be uber-cool, as the world’s first wind powered electric vehicle charging station was installed successfully last month. “Sanya Skypump” is a collaborative effort of Urban Green Energy and General Electric; it is the world’s first EV station which charges cars with the help of wind. Sanya Skypump uses the technology of both organizations – the vertical tower is from Urban Green Energy (UGE 4K) and EV charging technology is from General Electric. Together they form an all-in-one power generation and charging station. The vertical axis… read more