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The iPhone Charger with a Built-In Battery


One way to make sure you never miss a cell phone call or a photo opportunity or the chance to play Angry Birds at the spur of the moment is by carrying your charger, as well as a backup battery for your smartphone with you wherever you go. And with this portable USB charger, the Bolt, you get both in one small package. It’s billed as “the world’s smallest portable iPhone USB wall charger”, and it can not only charge up your phone, but because it’s combined with a built-in 3000mAh rechargeable backup battery, can also be used for powering… read more

iPhone Case Lets You Squeeze to Recharge

iPhone Case Lets You Squeeze to Recharge

Combining a protective case, a backup battery, and a dynamo charger, the Mipwr Dynamo could be the perfect iPhone accessory for the on-the-go smartphone user. Since many of us rely on our smartphones for everything from phone calls and text messages, to taking pictures and videos, to getting directions and playing games, when the juice runs out, we’re really stuck. But this new gadget from Mipwr can not only protect your iPhone, but can also provide a source of backup power and a way to recharge it on the fly. “The Mipwr Dynamo is a protective case, back up battery,… read more

Innovative Green Chargers


Smart recharging options for gadgets are getting more interesting as advances in renewable technologies are made. Solar powered chargers are gaining in popularity, but there are also other resources that are becoming available for charging up devices. A new way being marketed at powering up gear is really an old way to create energy. Manual versions, like the YoGen Charger for Life are turning up, and this may be a practical object to have on hand. With no electrical outlets required and no battery to replace, the YoGen works solely on physical exertion. Chargers like these can conduct natural energy… read more