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Living Decor


Indoor plants have remained a popular household fixture for over 3000 years. They introduce nature into urban environments, define a room’s dimension, and improve the overall health of the home’s inhabitants. But what if we could go beyond the houseplant, or even vertical gardening to find indoor plants that are fully immersed within a piece of furniture? Below, are a few examples of living decor at its best. Living Furniture Designed by San Francisco based company, Habitat Horticulture,  Living Tables are made from wood, steel, and crowned with a sheet of tempered glass. The tables have a carrying capacity of… read more

Bicycle Chains Upcycled Into Chandeliers

Bicycle Chandelier

A few years back, a multidisciplinary artist had a particular inspiration for integrating unusually recycled materials with her designs. Carolina Fontoura Alzaga created spectacular chandeliers from old bicycle chains, rims and other parts for an artistic undertaking called the Connect Series. The materials to create the vision were salvaged from numerous local bike shops and junkyards, blending the ideas of waste and art form. The chains were all manually cleaned of their greasy residues and finishes were not typically applied to the final products. In developing the series, the concept of the chandelier was recreated, no longer clinging to the… read more