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Have Kids? DIY – Don’t Buy These 3 Springtime Toys

Have Kids? DIY - Don’t Buy These 3 Springtime Toys

Make them. Bubbles, play dough and chalk are mainstays of a child’s imagination diet, and a great recipe for outdoor fun. They are also easy to make at home, and kids can help with the recipes. Bubbles, mostly sold in retail-land in plastic containers, are completely simple to make at home. Using generous drops of dish soap, water and a reusable container you can stir up a batch of your own. Check out the National Wildlife Federation for a list of fun bubble recipes. Save wands from other bubble container inserts or make it a game and have kids hunt for… read more

Nature’s Repellents – Part 1


Getting pests out of your home can be difficult. Keeping them out often proves to be even harder. This is especially true for ant infestations, as you may find your house occupied with a militia of them crawling out of every crevice, appearing only to multiply double the rate at which they are vanquished. Commercial repellents exist, but they are often costly, contain hazardous chemicals (harming the ants and yourself), and usually don’t prevent new infestations from taking place – companies do need customers to keep buying more product(s), after all. Focusing on ants, there is a great deal you… read more