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Ultra-Tiny Windmills Could be Future of Cellphone Charging

Ultra-Tiny Windmills Could be Future of Cellphone Charging

What comes to mind when most of us think of wind power is giant turbines mounted on tall masts, usually on a high hill or out in the country, but the future of consumer wind technology may actually be found in very tiny windmills. An innovative micro-windmill has been developed by researchers at University of Texas Arlington, and it’s so tiny that one grain of rice could hold 10 of them. Measuring just 1.8mm at its widest, these tiny wind generators could be the future of charging mobile devices, possibly through covering a phone sleeve with them and sending the… read more

Power Your Phone with Kinetic Energy from Your Run

Power Your Phone with the Kinetic Energy from Your Run

Our gadget-centric culture has one big weak link, which is power storage. If you’re not near an outlet (and have time on your hands), or have a backup battery with you, when your device’s battery is dead, you’re out of luck. Wouldn’t it be great if you could harvest and use the energy from your movements to power your gadgets? You could go for your morning run or workout, and then transfer that kinetic energy to your smartphone, providing a full day’s charge with the power of your own body’s movement. In the near future, that could be a viable… read more

Tawkon Helps Manage Smartphone Radiation Exposure

Tawkon Helps Manage Smartphone Radiation Exposure

There’s a big debate on whether or not exposure to the radiation from cellphones (high-frequency electromagnetic fields) is unhealthy, but there isn’t a debate about whether the radiation exposure actually happens. Sending and receiving information via cell towers requires the use of these microwaves, and with the huge numbers of people using mobile phones, it’s only natural that some people want to be able to limit their exposure, while still taking advantage of the technology. And because it isn’t very easy to find out how what your level of exposure is, Tawkon offers an app to better understand it, as… read more

Ditch The Charging Cords

Nexus 4 Charging Dock

A handful of tablet and phone manufacturers today have wireless charging ports that come either pre-packaged with their products, or are available as an accessory purchase. This new charging option, the first iteration being the Touchstone Charging Dock was first popularized with the Palm Pre phone, and also with the HP Touchpad. The Touchstone Dock was an innovative device that solved a multitude of problems, first and foremost being the unnecessary cluttering of charging cords around the house. Secondly, wireless chargers can be faster than the wired traditional. They also act as a dock to stand your phone/tablet up and… read more

Repair and Reuse

Repair and reuse

Are you tired of breaking things and purchasing new replacements? Do you wish you had the skills to fix the item yourself? Do you live by the motto “Waste not, want not?” If so, then this article is perfect for you. Nobody likes shelling out money unnecessarily, especially if an easy solution lies within reach. Perhaps you didn’t think it was so simple to mend your sweater zipper, or unshrink your brand new t-shirt. Maybe your computer is so full of trash and garbage that you’d rather just wipe the thing and buy a new operating system. We’re here to… read more

Green Phones – The Future


In the digital era cellphones have become as mandatory for humans as air. In any part of the world the least power consuming home appliance is the cellphone charger which powers the cellphone’s battery.  The average power consumed by a cellphone when charging its battery is 26watts but with 6 billion people living on the planet and with 5 billion (and counting) mobile phones registered with all networks, the total power consumption will be jaw-dropping and become a very serious problem like global warming.   So, in an effort to reduce power consumption, scientists are constantly researching to automate the… read more