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Energy Efficient Phones

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It’s that time again. Your 2-year contract with your cell service provider is about to expire, and you’re ready for an upgrade. There are literally thousands of options before you, but you don’t want just any phone, you want something built to last, and designed to save the world. These smartphones listed below were made to lower the electrical bill and limit dependence on the grid. Apple iPhone 5 – With its Energy Star Certificate, the Apple iPhone comes with a bevy of power-saving features, such as programmed intervals where it limites power usage if you’re taking a nap or… read more

Can WiFi Signals Kill Plants?

Can WiFi Signals Kill Plants?

Noteworthy science isn’t only reserved for grant funded research studies. A team of ninth grade students from Hjallerup School in North Jutland, Denmark have created an international buzz among the realm of the scientifically involved. Lea Nielsen, Mathilde Nielsen, Signe Nielsen, Sisse Coltau and Rikke Berg recently decided to investigate WiFi routers and their effect, if any, on plant life for a class science project. Their findings are profoundly interesting. Similar published studies have also been done, many with related results. They had the idea for the study when they thought about their nightly cellphone habits, which sometimes included sleeping with them… read more