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What is Earth Day?

Earth Day

The observance of Earth Day began in the U.S. in 1970 as a way for individuals to gather in response to the growing interest in a national environmental movement. Escalating concerns for ecological awareness in both the personal and political arenas were amplified by many during this time. A bit of history from The Old Farmer’s Almanac recounted that proactive John McConnell from California and Gaylord Nelson, then Senator of Wisconsin, both opened the gates for exchange in their local areas. They initiated people to gather together in order to demonstrate their unity over environmental issues. The spring equinox on… read more

Responsible Fireworks Use

Responsible Fireworks

The year is almost over, and if the Mayan prophecy is wrong we will soon be celebrating the dawn of the impending New Year. There are many ways in which different cultures of the world celebrate this event, relevant to this article is the universal use of fireworks. Fireworks are a beautiful spectacle to observe, the fire showers that light up the sky bring a feeling of happiness and excitement to spectators. However, we need to consider the impact that fireworks have on the environment. The first concern in this regard is the effect that fireworks have on animals, the… read more

Green Halloween

Green Halloween

With the holiday season kicking off we find Hallow’s eve vastly approaching. For all ages, Halloween is a time of intrigue and fun, but the fun should be had responsibly. During a holiday filled with disposable clothes and candy wrappers this may seem unlikely to do. At least without leaving a trail of trash behind. Alas, with some consideration and a pinch of magic, it can be done. To start, be resourceful when decorating. Pumpkins can make charming decorations, especially if you carve intricate faces into them, but why end there? After festivities end, use your pumpkins for other purposes… read more