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Cat Toys That Don’t Cost The Earth

Recycled Cat Toys

Pet owners spend a small fortune on toys for their pets each year, buying manufactured playthings that are surrounded in packaging and often shipped overseas, contributing to global warming and other environmental problems. A more environmentally friendly option is to give discarded household objects a second life as cat toys. The Humane Society of the United States  recommends the following items as safe and fun for cats: plastic shower curtain rings, ping pong balls, plastic practice golf balls (the kind with holes), paper bags (without handles), empty cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tubes, and cardboard boxes with doors and… read more

Sustainable Pet Ownership

Owning pets

Some say that pet ownership can be bad for the environment, but there are ways to reduce your pet’s ecological footprint. 1. Make your own pet products from recycled or locally sourced materials: It’s easy to make a bed for a cat or dog using old blankets and most pets love homemade toys. There are plenty of free pet craft patterns available online. 2. Buy pet supplies locally: Most pet products are shipped from faraway countries. Purchasing from local companies reduces carbon emissions. 3. Choose green pet products: Look for items with less packaging, recycled materials, and eco-friendly ingredients. Select… read more

Cat Condo

Play equipment for cats

In many areas of life we try to preserve space. This is sometimes easier for organizing or storing items, but can be hard for kids and pets. With cats, at least, there are the so called “cat trees” and “cat condos”, which provide areas for rest and observation, and take up little room in your house. As convenient as they are, many cat condos seem to be over-priced, which is odd considering most are made from cardboard. Using empty containers and other scrap materials, you can make your own, whether you make it short and comfy or a massive ceiling… read more