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Honda Recycles Rare Earth Metals for New Batteries

Honda Hybrid Car

Honda has announced that it has established the world’s first process for reusing rare earth metals, which are extracted from used nickel-metal hydride batteries in order to build new ones. This process could go a long way toward the overall sustainability of electric vehicles, as the rare earth elements are a crucial part of the technology behind energy storage for transport. Instead of mining ‘virgin’ rare earth metals, with all of the attendant environmental burdens, Honda has been extracting an oxide composed of these materials from nickel-metal (Ni-MH) batteries that are at their end-of-life. The process used by the company… read more

Monitor Your Car with Your iPhone


A new device for your car takes advantage of the smartphone revolution by linking the car’s onboard computer to your phone, potentially saving you gas money through tracking your driving habits, as well as alerting you to any problems that arise with the vehicle. The Automatic Link, which is said to be compatible with almost any gas-fueled car sold in the U.S. since 1996, connects to your car’s data port and communicates with your smartphone wirelessly, via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. The device gathers data from your car, as well as the GPS in your phone, and learns your driving… read more

World’s First Build-at-Home Electric Car Kit

iracer kit electric car

Imagine being able to build an all-electric race car at home, from a kit. If the iRacer project goes forward as planned, you may soon be able to fabricate one of the world’s first build-at-home electric sports cars in your garage or back yard. A new partnership between Birmingham City University (BCU) and Westfield Sportscars Ltd will focus on developing the electric car kit, which will further strengthen the growing demand for cleaner transportation, as well as appeal to the DIY crowd. According to BCU, the iRacer kit will sell for about £13,999 (~$21,000 USD), and can be quickly transformed… read more

Driverless Cars On The Way

Driverless Cars

A few weeks ago, California became the second state behind Nevada to legalize driverless cars. While this has virtually no present day effect, in the future, car manufacturers who plan on integrating this technology into their products will depend on this law. And the fact that two very large states are willing to plan for the future is great for the tech industry as a whole. Currently, our best hope as consumers to one day purchase an automatic car rests with Google Inc, who have been street testing their small fleet of driverless cars for the past year in Nevada…. read more

Oil, Hurricanes and Cars

Oil spills threaten coastline

It seemed enough for the residents of the Gulf Coast, especially Louisiana, to be concerned with the severe weather and damage that Hurricane Isaac was bringing, but now there is more. State officials from the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness are warning citizens that oil in the form of tar balls or tar mats could wash up on the coastline. BP responded with skepticism, favoring a “wait-and-see” approach. To their credit, BP did use an unprecedented amount of chemical dispersants at the site of the spill. Regardless, the danger of oil washing up on the coast has… read more