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2014 Chevy Volt is $5000 Cheaper


One of the big stumbling blocks for many people who might be inclined to buy an electric vehicle is the price tag, but a recent move by Chevy may put more of their Volts in the hands of the public. According to GM, customers can get a discount on the 2014 Volt models, which would reduce the base price of the vehicles down to $35,000. With additional government rebates, that price could drop to as low as $27,500, which is much more affordable than the original $40,000 price. “We have made great strides in reducing costs as we gain experience… read more

Volvo’s Self-Parking Car Concept


In the future, even if we don’t have our own self-driving cars, perhaps we’ll all be having our cars at least park themselves, if this new concept from Volvo is any indication. The Volvo concept car can not only find its own parking space, but can pull into it all by itself, with no driver inside. According to Volvo, the car with the Autonomous Parking feature in it can interact safely with pedestrians and other cars, ensuring that the parking process is safe and simple. “Autonomous Parking is a concept technology that relieves the driver of the time-consuming task of… read more

Biofuel to Power 1/3 of Cars in Sweden by 2030

Natural forests

As part of an investigation into how the country of Sweden can wean their fuel needs for transportation away from fossil fuels, a study found that it would be possible to power one out of every three cars by biofuel made within the country. Researchers submitted a study, The Production of Today’s and Future Sustainable Biofuels, to the government investigation outlining their discovery that the country could increase its biofuel production to as much as 25-35 terawatt hours (TWh) annually, using mainly the residue left from forestry projects or agricultural waste. The current biofuel production level in Sweden has been… read more

Take the Pledge to Stop Idling Your Car

Take the Pledge to Stop Idling Your Car

To help make your car trips more fuel-efficient and less polluting, you don’t necessarily need to buy a hybrid or electric car, because your car already has that capability, wired right into the ignition switch. What’s that, you say? It’s already wired into the ignition switch? Yup. It’s called the “off” position, and if we can start turning our vehicles off instead of leaving them to idle at drive-thrus and traffic jams or school drop-offs, we can start to make a difference in fuel consumption, air pollution, and CO2 emissions. According to I Turn It Off, we waste some 3.8… read more

Volvo’s Kinetic Flywheel Can Boost Fuel Economy 25%

Volvo flywheel KERS

A new type of kinetic flywheel technology from Volvo Car Group could be a cheap and efficient method for boosting fuel economy by as much as 25%. The new flywheel system, Flywheel KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), fits onto the rear axle of a gas-powered car, and when the vehicle brakes, the device converts that brake energy to the spinning flywheel, which spins as fast as 60,000 RPM. Once braking begins, the standard combustion engine powering the front wheels of the car is switched off, and when the vehicle begins to move again after a stop, the rear wheels get… read more

Anticipation Builds for the World Solar Challenge


The World Solar Challenge is a competition that tests the skills of both solar and non-solar electric powered cars. Taking place every other year, participants from around the globe partake in a race, with a 3000-kilometer route descending from Australia’s northern territory to its southern city of Adelaide. Beyond the excitement this event fosters, the route serves as a fertile testing ground where these energy-efficient trailblazers can endure real to life driving conditions. This year’s race will mark the introduction of four separate vehicle classes for which a car may qualify. Different classes will be evaluated on their speed, external… read more

Americans Driving Less Each Year

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In 2005, driving to and from destinations was at its peak in the United States. Regardless of just how far that destination was from home, we’d hop in our Ford Explorer’s and Chevy Impala’s and chug away down the street. However, that lifestyle is fading, and we can all breath a sigh of relief. This is good news. In fact, it’s great news. Less driving in cars means more walking, biking, mass transit, you name it. Reducing our planet’s carbon levels is (or should be) priority number one for most countries, especially the worst offending ones (I’m looking at you,… read more

All-Electric Fiat 500e Coming to California This Summer

2013 Fiat 500e

For Californians, there will soon to be another option for buying an affordable and efficient electric car, as Fiat has announced the availability of their all-electric Fiat 500e by this summer. According to Fiat, this little EV will be listed for about $32,500 USD when it comes available, and for state residents that qualify for rebates from Fiat and federal and state incentives, the cost could be as low as $20,500. The 500e is a four-seater rated at 115 MPGe, with an estimated 87 mile range, which is decent for a city or urban commuter car, but not quite long… read more

Peugeot Unveils Gas-Air Hybrid

Peugeot HybridAir

A new type of hybrid was revealed by Peugeot at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show that is said to be able to achieve 80 miles per gallon. Instead of combining a gas engine with a battery and electric motor system for this hybrid, Peugeot engineers have integrated a compressed air system that can capture some of the kinetic energy when braking and use it to help power the vehicle. The system is called HybridAir, and because it doesn’t require a costly battery and electric drive unit, could end up seeing wider adoption than previous hybrids, simply due to a lower… read more

New Luxury Electric Car Prototype Launched

Pariss Electric

For the electric car enthusiast that also wants luxury and performance in their car, the release at the Geneva Auto Show of a prototype from Pariss Electric is exciting news. After all, why should an electric car, which is already unique in other ways, look like just another sedan? Why not integrate the best of electric vehicle design, performance engineering, and luxury features, into a single distinctive model? The Pariss 2013 Prototype is built on a lightweight tubular steel frame (total weight is 1650 lbs.) with a composite body, and is essentially all-wheel drive, with two electric motors, totaling 100… read more