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Green Your Valentine

Green Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, relationships, family, and friendship. Although when you consider how much energy it takes to create all those goodies, gifts, and especially the cards it is a whole lot of waste. At any given store in the month of February tons of paper cards grace the shelves. Can you imagine the carbon footprint Valentine’s Day leaves behind each year. Here is a unique way to ‘green’ your Valentine’s Day for adults and children alike. Plant cards Can be made from old scrap paper, contain seeds and can be planted. To make the seed paper just use scrap paper… read more

Is The Handwritten Note A Thing Of The Past?


Receiving a handwritten letter in the mail may be a rare thing. The giant wave of all things technology has certainly made our lives easier, but have some of the simple things been lost in the process? Many feel that letter writing has now become an art form, and that is hard to argue with. The steps involved with actually writing a letter seem, well, lengthy…time consuming for today’s standards. The ease and immediacy of pressing keys and buttons is a far contrast from carefully selected and then handwritten prose on paper, perhaps the need for stationary even. Then more… read more

Recycle Cards for Kids

Recycling cards for charity

Sometimes they are discarded as an after-thought, but with the right message a card can be a gift in itself. However, it isn’t necessary to spend a dollar or more a piece on multiple cards every time a holiday or special occasion arrives. Instead, you can recycle your card fronts to make new cards. Better yet, you can donate them to St. Jude’s Ranch, so the kids there can make new cards. Operated by the Kids’ Corp program, at St. Jude’s Ranch children take donated card fronts and attach them to a blank back, making them new again. Every card made is sold for one… read more