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Have Fun Being Green

Have Fun Being Green

Adopting a green way of life often has its challenges. At times it can be harder being responsible than just not thinking about consequences, and sometimes we forget that revelry is a necessary human component. It’s important to remember that there is a fun side to being socially responsible. Adults and kids alike can have some good, green fun with these ideas. Did you know you can make homemade marbled paper, stationary and cards using shaving cream and food coloring? Use biodegradable shaving cream or make your own organic formula. In addition to using it for the project, whip up some extra and store in… read more

Making Alcohol Organically with Apples


The resources required to produce and transport liquor results in an extensive 6.30 pounds of carbon dioxide per 750-milliliter bottle. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t enjoy a warm spirit in the drinking vessel of your choosing on occasion. But there are ways in which you can make your own, organic brew instead. And, with the passing of the autumn equinox, what better choice than hard apple cider? Beyond cutting the carbon footprint of your liquor consumption, you’ll be informed of your drink’s origins and find the cost of concocting your cider-y brew to be favorably scant by measure of… read more

Web App Grades Websites on Sustainability

Internet energy use

The internet has enabled huge advances in learning and sharing information, and our world is the richer for it, but it doesn’t come without a cost. And the cost is not found just in the price of the hardware and services forming the infrastructure, but also in the environmental effects of increased power demands (and the associated carbon emissions) for driving the storage and delivery of bits and bytes from the servers to your screen. Have you ever wondered what the carbon footprint is for something as vast and varied as the internet? According to Mightybytes, the estimated 50 million… read more

Clean Business Strategies

Clean business

In the midst of the climate crisis, clean business strategies are vital. Even for a business unconcerned with the climate crisis, it would be in its best interest to invest in climate protection. Today, entrepreneurs and companies prosper from adopting more efficient practices, especially as environmental concerns worsen. Made clear throughout history, it is the nations that innovate to meet the needs of humans and the environment who have ruled the world, politically and otherwise. With environmental responsibility comes innovation, this has been proven time and again as some of the world’s leading companies strive to improve their efficiency and sustain their good reputations. In the early 2000’s, Dupont pledged to reduce its… read more

Easy Ways to Conserve

Conserving energy in daily life

Being energy conservative doesn’t have to be hard. The following are a few simple and practical ways to save throughout the week. Did you know that many email accounts can be accessed even when not online?  You can set yours up to allow message checking without the internet. To see if your email can work while your connection isn’t, open your account and then click on the “Settings” tab. Look for an “Offline” selection. Click on this and follow prompts to begin an install to add a work offline option. This feature is best on your own personal computer and… read more

Giant 3D House Printers

Contour Crafting Construction

While methods for assembling roads, bridges, and tunnels have evolved over the years, the procedures for home construction remain virtually the same. In Third World countries, this failure to modernize has cost many lives each year through dangerous construction practices, and delays the process of transforming impoverished nations into cultured societies. Recently, the method of 3D printing has gained popularity in the manufacturing and scientific industry. These printing devices are capable of taking certain construction materials and turning them into 3-Dimensional products. So far, organs, tools, artwork, and even guns have been printed and sold in retail stores worldwide. Scientists… read more

Can We Really Do It?

Reducing our carbon footprint

Thanks to increasing efforts worldwide, people are gradually, and in small ways, reducing their carbon footprints. It’s a large movement, based on individuals choosing to change their habits, and raise their voices against global climate change. But what happens when we are browsing the e-edition of the newspaper (to save paper), and we find out that the ice caps are still melting, will continue melting, and will be completely melted in a certain amount of time. Sometimes it can be hard to face the predictions of coming disasters. Animal extinction, factory farming, overfishing, over mining, fossil fuels. All these issues… read more

Eco Fashion Designers

Stella McCartney eco sunglasses

A trend for the trend-setters. Eco fashion is becoming the hot new thing and one of the most fashionable of all is leading the way. Stella McCartney has a new found conscience that has led her to create a range of eco-friendly sunglasses. For Spring Summer 2012, Stella McCartney launches a new ‘eco-friendly’ collection of sunglasses. It is a sustainable collection with the use of raw materials stemming from natural origins, such as castor-oil seeds and citric acid. The collection is made from over 50% natural and renewable resources, and to top it off McCartney’s offices and studios are powered… read more