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Recycling Car Parts

Recycling Automobile Parts

When it comes time to dispose of items we may not recycle often, like automobile parts, it may take some research to find out where to take them. Vehicle parts and maintenance items need to be properly castoff in order to keep toxins out of surroundings and to reuse existing sources. According to Earth911 around 75% of old cars are recycled for iron and steel, and along with recovering remaining parts, this produces enough savings to create the equivalent of 85 million barrels of oil per year. Brake pads and brake shoes are made of around 15-30% recyclable copper. Oil filters, which… read more

Search Walk Score and Walk Some More

Search Walk Score and Walk Some More

In metropolitan areas the foot commute can be a part of the everyday. Walkways can often be overlooked in places where concrete tends to take over the greenery. Community walk paths that are arranged around nature and not intruding upon it can be found in several designs. Safe, easily cleaned and synthetic materials kept to a minimum, these paths actually encourage walking. Great for sneaking in exercise and improving health, walking as opposed to riding saves environmental energy while increasing individual energy levels. So, how does your neighborhood or favorite spot do on a walkabout? You can find out at Walk… read more

First Solar-Powered Family Car

First Solar-Powered Family Car

Imagine how wond­erful it would be if your car could continue running without you spending money on fuel. Much like solar-powered homes, solar cars harness energy from the sun converting it into energy for fuelling the car’s motor, but instead of using a battery, some solar cars direct the power straight to an electric motor. We just found out that a team of students from the solar team at Eindhoven University TU/e were working on that matter and have recently unveiled a vehicle called “Stella”, which is said to be the world’s first solar-powered family car. The team of 22 students… read more

The Green Way to Get Around Town

Get Out of your Car

Gas prices are getting higher, roads are more crowded, and we continue to pollute. So, how do we change these things you ask?  It’s simple; drive less and ride more. There are many benefits of using public transportation.  Public transportation is safe for all ages and the public transportation system operates efficiently. Public transportation is safer than personal vehicles, more affordable, convenient and good for the environment.  Being convenient and good for the environment makes this form of transportation a smarter choice. Public transportation offers many advantages that will lead to a better quality of life.  It reduces the number… read more

Detroit Electric Claims Fastest Production Electric Car


There’s a new (old) kid on the block, as Detroit Electric launches its limited edition SP:01 electric sports car, said to be the fastest electric production car available. Detroit Electric originally produced their first electric vehicle in 1907, which became popular over the next several years, and between then and 1939 the company produced 13,000 electric cars (even Henry Ford’s wife drove one). Fast forward some 70 years, and Detroit Electric gets re-launched by Albert Lam (former CEO of Lotus Engineering Group), and now is moving the electric car market ahead with this road rocket. The Detroit Electric SP:01 is… read more

Losing the Car Keys is Not Smart

Losing The Car Keys

Have you ever lost your car keys at an extremely bad time? Don’t despair because the age of lost car keys could finally be coming to a close. Car manufacturer Hyundai believes that the next generation of automobiles should move away from keyed entry systems and towards an all-in-one solution: your mobile phone. Almost all current and planned smartphones have what’s called Near Field Communication (NFC) chips built into them, which can be used for everything from swiping a card reader to pay for lunch, to sharing music playlists and pictures from phone-to-phone by touch. In essence, Hyundai is creating a test… read more

Air-Powered Hybrid Car

Compressed air hybrid Peugeot

The concept of an air-powered hybrid car has long been a dream of ecological idealists, though, unfortunately, has never been a practical application in real life. However, GM partner Peugeot, famous for their Peugeot Citroen line of luxury cars, may have a game-changer on their hands with their concept of a compression hybrid vehicle. The car would effectively put out a combined 117 mpg, with its compressed air/combustion engine combination. For city-drivers, you may never have to fill up your car again, as the Peugeot’s compression engine is the primary power supply for speeds 0-43mph. Once you start driving faster than… read more

Fiat’s Electric Car


There aren’t very many luxury vehicles that have made the switch to electric, but Italian carmaker Fiat is changing that trend. The Fiat 500e Electric Car just received a 116 MPGe rating from the EPA. This makes it one of the few quality electric vehicles on the market. The Fiat vehicle also beats out many of the smaller electric vehicles in its class with regards to its EPA rating. With its 122 MPGe city, 108 MPGe highway, and a combined 116 MPGe energy output, the 500e has big plans to compete with the bigger names, such as Nissan and Chevy…. read more

Thermo Electric Uses

power from car tailpipe

We put lot of sweat and engineering to produce energy which runs our lives, but as much as two thirds of this energy gets dissipated as waste, particularly in the form of heat. Recent reports show that a new material can bridge the gap between energy produced and wastage through heat. An international team of researchers has developed a new material which generates charges from the temperature variations across its two ends. These thermo electric materials, when commercialised, will find their place in a variety of applications. Let’s take a simple example. A car drinks a lot of energy to… read more

Coffee Powered Car

The Coffee Powered Car

Coffee is everyone’s morning friend. Every morning is boosted by sipping a cup of coffee and using it as our fuel for the day. Researchers say three cups of coffee a day can even prevent cancer although they admit that coffees magic is still a mystery. As well, a Guinness World Record was made by a car that was “a vehicle run on gas from organic waste,” and this car interestingly runs with coffee as fuel. Coffee’s magic runs a car too! The Coffee Car team from England have entirely remodelled a Rover SD1 to run with the gas produced by… read more