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Couple Builds Dream Cabin from Refurbished Windows


Nick Olsen and Lilah Horwitz met at an artists’ residency in Pennsylvania. Both are artists of various mediums, though Olsen is primarily a photographer, while Horwitz designs on-site clothing lines with pieces that pertain to the city in which they were created. Shortly after meeting, perhaps even ‘on their first date’ Horwitz claims, Olsen took Horwitz to his family’s property in the mountains of West Virginia. This would also be the setting where, inspired by the spectacle of the slowly setting sun, the couple first imagined plans for a house wherein one was enshrouded with natural light – whether the… read more

Inner-City Nomads

Inner City Nomads

Urban mobility, and transient living take on a new life with the introduction of Tricycle-Houses in Beijing.  They can be likened to a caravan or mobile home, though also a human-powered chariot, as citizens, it seems, are able to take official residence within their tricycle-house, while moving freely about the city. This comes as a necessity, in a country where owning a home is becoming nearly impossible as the cost of land ownership continues to rise and space is increasingly becoming a rare luxury. Appearances aside, tricycle-houses are equipped with enough ‘tricks’ and stow-able amenities to make living off the… read more

Birds Nests For Humans?

"Spirt Nest" by Jayson Fann

When one thinks of birds nests, one usually does not think, “Hmm…I’d like to live in a giant version of that.” And yet, in the California coast in the U.S., a growing populace wakes up each morning thinking that very thought. And they’re not alone. It began with an idea, namely Californian artist Jayson Fann’s. He thought it would be keen to create “spirit nests”, as he calls them, for humans to inhabit.Obviously not as a permanent living solution, but as a getaway home or beach property. Something cozy to retire to after a long day’s work, or as a… read more