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Compact Speaker Systems – How Do They Sound?

Compact Speaker Systems - How Do They Sound?

With portability and versatility in mind, compact speaker systems are popping up all over that are designed to work with smartphones, tablets and laptops. These are space saving and can carry less of an impact than larger scale models. Vers has a line of speakers that come in handcrafted wood cabinets that are said to enhance the sound quality.┬áThe Vers 1Q started as a concept product on Kickstarter and is now available. When 2 of the 1Qs are combined they become a 13 watt stereo system, and this also comes standard in the 2Q. The company has an environmentally responsible… read more

The Power Of A Purchase

The Power Of A Purchase

If you have ever wondered what the effect of purchasing a product is, one example of a company that actually makes that possible is Given Goods. Each product at their marketplace has been chosen for its reciprocal properties, and the stories of the merchandise is also shared with members. They tell how the purchase of each particular item effects the area where it came from as well as the difference it makes for individuals and their families. They also have programs associated with some products that are meant to benefit various humanitarian efforts. Their interactive community┬ámap allows customers to check… read more