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Top Eco Ways to Shop

Shopping economically

Thrift/Discount Stores For many people thrift stores and discount stores are a way to get creative and have fun while you shop.  These types of stores allow for you to buy what you need without breaking the bank.  There is a lot more than just clothes, making the experience worthwhile. Plan Ahead By making a detailed list of the food items that you need before leaving for the store, the quicker you will be in and out of the store without impulsive buying. Also, remember to shop the perimeter of the store.  Most stores are organized with packaged food in… read more

Reuse Bulk Packaging

Recycle household containers

Constantly we express to people to recycle cans, plastic, cardboard, paper and even our fast food drink cups. Instead of recycling these materials why not make use of them in our homes. Bulk packaging is a major source for reusable containers. Do you shop at Costco, Sam’s Club or Price Club? Many of the containers you buy with the products in them are perfect for pantry storage. Besides, who does not like saving money on storage containers. There is probably 101 ways to organize your pantry with reusable bulk materials but these are a few of our favorites. Large popcorn… read more

Wasteful Over-Packaging

Unnecessary extra packaging

Surely everyone has experienced the bafflement of packaging. Why companies continue to over-wrap, over-cover, over-layer, their products is beyond me. Below are some culprits that should perhaps be avoided or found alternatives too. You could always write in to the brands and voice your concerns. Tea Bags – If you buy in bulk, tea-bags are a lot more environmentally friendly. This way you get more tea bag and less packaging. I find the smaller the package the more layers they tend to use. Outrageous! I bought a pack of 10 bags the other day and not only did it have… read more