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Use Cavity Closers to Fix Heat Loss in Buildings

Insulating with cavity closers

Most of the heat loss from buildings occurs at the windows as the heat passes through the glass. This can be minimized with high performance double or triple glazing. The next problem is that heat loss also occurs around the window. This is where cavity closers come into their own. In cavity walls, the inner and outer leaves of the brickwork have to be closed at the reveal, the recess around window and door frames. But if this is closed with more bricks and mortar, it may create a thermal bridge for heat to escape from the property. Bricks and… read more

M-vironment Structures Can Respond To The Weather

M-vironment Structures Can Respond To The Weather

M-vironments are an imaginative design concept for structural units. From architect and artist Michael Jantzen, they are calculated and interesting, and the goal is to incorporate flexibility and responsiveness to offer a new way that buildings can operate. They are made to accommodate a number of lifestyle needs, including being weather respondent. Though the look of the exteriors will probably be either loved or hated, the features offered from these machine-like buildings are definitely eye-catching. An example of an M-vironment construction is the M-HOUSE. It is made from steel, concrete composite and various panel mechanisms that can be moved, changed, expanded… read more

The Magical Painted Architecture Of Richard Haas

The Magical Painted Architecture Of Richard Haas

Richard Haas is an artist known for his painted renditions of buildings and ornate architectural details. His work is on everything from skyscrapers, building facades, interiors, drawings and canvas, and his ability to create illusion and art is to be marveled at. The technique that he employs is called trompe l’oeil, which means tricks the eye in French. His painted optical illusions are beyond impressive. He can completely change the look of plain walls, concrete and brick buildings into unbelievably realistic works of art. His painted details include visual feats like buildings that when looked at one way appear to… read more

Grass Roof Looks Good and Reduces Bills

School With Green Roof and Biomass Power Plant

The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut in the US has cut a six-figure sum from its winter energy bill by replacing its outdated oil-burning boiler with woodchip biomass ones. Designed by Centerbrook Architects, the undulated green roofed building is situated at the bottom of a sloping landscape, blending beautifully with their own surrounding farm, golf course and marshes. As well as being a great insulator and attracting plenty of wildlife, the luscious green roof structure collects and filters rainwater that is used for the garden and flushing the toilets. Under its undulating top, a massive Biomass Power Plant produces clean energy… read more

Refugee Shelters Solar-Powered by IKEA

Solar-Powered IKEA Shelter For Refugees

More than 43 million people in the world are refugees and right now approximately 3.5 million of them live in tents provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR). But these fabric tents are just a temporary solution as they only last about six months, are cold in the winter and hot in the summer, offering little comfort, dignity and security. Also, they have no electricity or lighting, and that is very limiting for people and families that just want to live a normal life, again. That is why the UNCHR recently joined Nordic giant IKEA Foundation, to… read more

Rough, Rusty and Recycled

Rusty-Modern Home in Sydney

“Tinshed” is not a rugged precarious home, it is a modern studio flat/office located in the trendy area of East Redfern, one of Sydney’s most interesting and dynamic suburbs. It was designed by architect Raffaello Rossellis who reused the corrugated iron boards from an old shed standing previously on-site to create a modern space with humble exteriors that reminds the area what was left behind. Tin sheds are a part of Australia’s building vernacular, which is why the architect decided to keep the old shed’s spirit and revamped it into a new home, a new building that is rough and honest. Filled with windows… read more

Cloud Pavilion Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Cloud Pavilion Made From 53,780 recycled plastic bottles

Responding to the question “What would an art pavilion made out of recycled materials and based around the idea of “The City of Dreams” look like to you?” STUDIOKCA built a giant cloud sculpture made entirely from plastic bottles and other recycled materials. Located within New York’s Governors Island, the pillowy structure was chosen from over 200 submissions and was created for this summer´s Figment NYC outdoor festival, after months of hard work and a lot of patience. The “Head in the Clouds Pavilion” is a massive installation made from recyclable aluminum, wood, and 53,780 recycled plastic bottles and water jugs,… read more

The Sloping, Bioclimatic House

Sloping Bioclimatic House in Tenerife

Spanish architect José Luis Rodríguez Gil built a peculiar shaped house with the aim to make it self-sufficient. Standing within the rocky arid landscape of Tenerife this piece of unique architecture integrates into the landscape thanks to its sloping façade. An innovative shelter located within the Bioclimatic Experimental Urbanization of ITER Park (Technological Institute for Renewable Energies), this house takes into account the cli­mate and environmental con­di­tions of the area while keeping a sustainable equilibrium. Made from a local basalt stonewall, which was the start of the project, this sloping house is topped by a light structure of plywood with galvanized steel walls and glass. Designed… read more

Working Better Outdoors


We are not merely surrounded by nature, but enclosed within it, even if a seamless existence is obstructed by the erection of pillars and walls. That isn’t to say that self-confinement indoors isn’t suffocating. Nor, on the other end, does it imply pure living is exclusive to residing in a stony dwelling left agape to the wilderness. However, there exists a faulted notion that nature is a mere adjunct to a life in the built environment; as though the two are separate, mutually-exclusive worlds. The latter a foggy, safe recluse; offering a comfortable if claustrophobic existence, that is all too… read more

Turning A Barn Into Recycled Wooden Home

Labor 13 Turns Barn Into Recycled Wooden Home

Immersed into the wild landscape of bohemian Czech Republic there is an open plan dwelling made from local recycled materials. Standing on a piece of land of a former barn, the shelter was named ‘Conceptual Object in Vernerice’ as it is an experimental piece of architecture near a town called Vernerice. Long and lean, this beautiful wooden shelter sits right in the northern area of Czech Republic. Designed by local studio Labor 13, the shelter is charming and full of historic references that left a distinct mark. Built with a great respect for its past, the architects left untouched as… read more