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Benefits of Baking Soda

Baking soda

Old wives tales have been around for years for the simple reason, they work. You can get countless products in extravagant packaging, however some of the best products are the simplest. Bicarbonate soda is a chemical salt and a leavening agent usually used in cooking. There are also so many other uses for the versatile product. Teeth – There’s some serious chemicals out there for cleaning and whitening your teeth. Bicarb doesn’t taste the best, however it leaves your teeth so clean. Use as you would a normal toothpaste. Breath – Freshen your breath with a little baking soda and… read more

Algae Powered Lamp

Algae powered light

In the world of cool eco-friendly inventions, 2012 and 2013 have so far been the best years for innovative designers to showcase their products. A great, independent design venture website called Designboom has told us of an ingenious attempt to reinvent the lamp by a designer by the name of Mike Thompson. Basically, Thompson has invented a lamp that runs on algae, water, and . . . well, CO2 from your breath. You store the lamp outside in the daytime, and photosynthesis will generate electricity through the algae. When you need to use the light, the electricity will be released and power… read more

Healthy Pet Treats

Healthy Pets

Licks from your pet can be sweet. The accompanying odor, however, can turn things sour. While it isn’t always easy to give your pet’s teeth a good scrub, what is easy is to keep a healthy supply of odor depleting biscuits on hand. They are easy to make yourself and will be appreciated as a tasty treat to your pet – and a relief to your proboscis. To start, there are certain ingredients you should always avoid giving to your pet. This includes grapes, raisins, avocados, mushrooms, and onions. Also never feed your pet chocolate. If for any reason you… read more