The Concerns With BPA


Bisphenol A, or more commonly known as BPA, has been found to have extreme health consequences, and research has yet again caused loud alarms to ring which question the risks of the substance. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association conducted by New York University researchers suggested that exposure to increased BPA levels is a considerable factor in the progression of obesity in children and adolescents. Data which included measuring body mass and BPA levels concluded that American children with high exposure can have a 5 times greater chance of developing obesity, as compared to other children with lower… read more

Eco-Friendly Lunchbox Solutions

eco friendly lunchboxes

Disposable is out, reusable is in! More students are taking on the goal of being eco –friendly for their environment and using reusable containers rather than paper sacks. Below are a few options to be eco sensible and safely carry your lunch to school. Frego is a shatter resistant glass bowl fitted with a silicone sleeve and double seal softsnap lid. No BPA. No PVC. No Polystyrene. No Lead. Frego’s borosilicate glass offers better thermal range than most commonly used consumer glass products available today. Frego glass is safe from -40 °F up to 465 °F. BUILT NY’s kids lunch… read more

Product Replaces Disposable Plastic Straw

Product Replaces Disposable Plastic Straw

Disposable dishes, like paper plates and plastic cups, are big money for their manufacturers, but they are also big on waste. One toss away product that may often be overlooked is drinking straws. Drinking straws became more popular with the onset of the industrial revolution in the 1800’s, and their designs have subsequently become more readily available for home use. Some of the earliest known indications that people from other eras used drinking straws were found when an artifact from a Sumerian tomb was uncovered that was dated from around 3,000 B.C. According to family based business Simply Straws, 500 million plastic straws are thrown… read more

Tapped – A Look At Bottled Water

Tapped - A Look At Bottled Water

Tapped is an award winning documentary film by Stephanie Soechtig that explores the effects of bottled water on society. Most no longer believe marketing tactics that try to make us think bottled water comes from a bubbling natural, abundant spring. According to the documentary, almost 40% of bottled water is really just filtered tap water that is packaged and resold at premium prices. The majority of those in the U.S. are fortunate enough to have reliable access to safe drinking water simply by turning on a faucet or pushing a button to release a cold, filtered glass. Many are also… read more

BPA health risks

BPA health risks plastic bottles

Some say they are harmful, some say they are not. Who should we trust?