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Marketing Strategies That May Leave You Thirsty

Marketing Strategies That May Leave You Thirsty

Remember when water was free? Before the plastic bottle surfaced, water was not typically thought of as a purchasable beverage. For example, restaurants normally served a glass for free before water in a bottle took over. Now it is a different story. Water is a profitable business. Many companies are on the water bandwagon, and making big gains on what some would say is at the expense of others. This issue is likely to be resurfacing in global conversation, as many revisit and study marketing techniques and human rights, and the connection between the two. One of the many issues… read more

Tapped – A Look At Bottled Water

Tapped - A Look At Bottled Water

Tapped is an award winning documentary film by Stephanie Soechtig that explores the effects of bottled water on society. Most no longer believe marketing tactics that try to make us think bottled water comes from a bubbling natural, abundant spring. According to the documentary, almost 40% of bottled water is really just filtered tap water that is packaged and resold at premium prices. The majority of those in the U.S. are fortunate enough to have reliable access to safe drinking water simply by turning on a faucet or pushing a button to release a cold, filtered glass. Many are also… read more