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DIY Makes Spray Bottles Better

DIY Makes Spray Bottles Better

Spray bottle products are convenient, perfectly sized and their contents are what many deem as daily necessities. However, they can also often include questionable components and high price tags, all contained in plastic. Why buy when you can DIY better than the original? The following bottle mist recipes are all natural and inexpensive. Plus, bottles you already have on hand can be reused to try them out, or you can make your own with a glass container. For a skin safe fragrance, body spray can be made with only 3 ingredients: filtered water, vegetable glycerin and essential oils. Adding vegetable glycerin… read more

Generating Heat With Human Bodies


An ambitious, and definitely unique, plan is underway in Paris, France to generate heat for an apartment complex above the Paris metro. Waiting passengers’ collective body heat will generate heat to the complex above, along with heat from passing trains, the rail, etc. It’s an experiment right now, but if it proves useful, the system may be implemented more widely, and might not be limited just to the Paris metro. Using heat exchangers, researchers will tap into human caloric heat and transform it into usable heat for the tenants above. It won’t be a stand-alone system, and will be used… read more